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The Nature of Proteins

Improving the production and recovery of proteins.
Athena Enzyme Systems™ group has the mission to advance the investigation and development of proteins. AthenaES® is a primary manufacturer and supplier of superior quality biotechnology instrumentation and reagents for research, biopharmaceutical and industrial applications. The company's extensive line of products is designed to improve the expression, recovery and purification of proteins. Athena's unique products solve specific barriers to protein expression and purification including the ACES™ expression systems, Expression Medium to boost production and solve solubility problems, protein refolding screening kits to enhance recovery and the Contichrom® CUBE chromatography instrument, an advanced multi-column system providing more efficient protein purification particularly challenging separations.

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Featured Products:
Contichrom Cube Chromatography System

Biochromatography Instrument Systems and Purification Resins

Athena is pleased to announce the availability of a new preparative chromatography system. The Contichrom® Cube single or twin column instruments offer all-in-one process capabilities. These systems can perform batch separation as well as simulated moving bed (SMB), CaptureSMB®, AutomAb®, N-Rich® and MCSGP (multicolumn counter-current solvent gradient purification) methods. Simplified software control allows conversion from batch to multi-column processes as well as automated control.

Next Workshop: Advanced Chromatography Techniques and Protein Characterization, March 28, 2017

SILAC Powdered Medium

NEW!: SILAC Amino Acids

Athena is pleased to announce that it now offers stable isotope labeled amino acids. The two most commonly used amino acids, listed below, are available as stock items ready-to-ship. Sixteen (16) additional amino acids are available with single carbon- or nitrogen-atom isotopes. See SILAC Amino Acids for more information.

  • L-Arginine U-13C6 hydrochloride
  • L-Arginine U-13C6, 15N4 hydrochloride
  • L-Lysine U-13C6 hydrochloride
  • L-Lysine U-13C6, 15N2 hydrochloride

Protein Expression Media and Systems

The Secret's in the Broth. Over the past 20 years, Athena's scientific teams have developed culture media formulations that increase the production of recombinant proteins. Selecting the right formulation can mean the difference between successfully producing your recombinant protein or not. For particularly difficult to express proteins, our ACES™ Expression Systems are specifically designed to overcome expression limitations.

FNC Coating Mix

Cell Culture Media and Support Products

Why use Serum-Free Media? Adopting the use of serum-free media for the cultivation of mammalian cells reduces the level of unwanted proteins and other adventitious agents that can interfere with cell-based assays, experimental protocols and protein production. Athena's serum-free media products were among the first developed. With a 20 year history of use, Athena's formulations have a proven record of supporting the growth of a wide range of cell types.

Manufacturing Services

Custom Media and Reagent Manufacturing

What media formulation do you need? Athena's Custom Media Manufacturing Service specializes in small volume custom production of any cell culture medium either sterile liquid or dehydrated powders. Whether you are doing SILAC experiments and need a commonly used medium prepared without a particular ingredient or have a culture medium that you need made on a regular basis, Athena's custom manufacturing can supply you with a cost-effective product. Athena also offers as stock items several commonly used cell culture media specifically for SILAC experiments.

Speciality Proteins

Speciality Proteins

Athena offers an eclectic set of proteins that are not found anywhere else or are difficult to source. Proteins include: I27O (for calibrating force extension measurements in AFM); anti-NKX3.1 antibody (for assessing prostate cancer); esterases LypA from Vibrio cholera, TesA from E. coli) and VlpA from a psychrophilic marine bacterium (for modifying drug pharmacophors); and Gaussia luciferase and a set of novel Green Fluorescent Proteins (for bioassay development).

PDQ Protease Assay

Enzyme Assay

Since 1996, researchers and QC labs around the world have been using Athena's PDQ Protease Assay for quantifying a wide range of proteases. The assay was specifically designed to measure very low levels of protease activity making it an ideal assay for certifying products as protease-free or detecting trace amounts of protease activity in production samples.

Incubator Genie

Genie® Family of Products

Every lab has a Vortex Genie®. But did you know that there are Genie® devices for vortexing microtiter dishes as well as multiple tubes and flasks? If you perform Western Blots, gel staining, need to mix samples while incubating at a specific temperature and need flexibility in the type of mixing methods, then you should consider the Genie® family of products. The Roto-Shake®-, Incubator™- and Enviro-Genie® systems can shake, rock, roll and stir all in one affordable bench-top unit.