AthenaES™ Protein Expression
ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System) kits are designed to fully encompass the entire expression process from building plasmid vectors to recovery of purified product. We provide everything you need for protein expression so that you can streamline your process and improve results.

ACES™ Promoter Selection Kit

The ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System) Promoter Selection Kit applies the principle that the overall expression rate can determine not only the total accumulation level, but also the amount of soluble protein that is made. By titering the promoter activity, one can fine-tune the expression level to meet the specific needs of target protein production levels.

ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit

The ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System) Signal Sequence Kit provides a set of six expression vectors each with a different signal sequence for protein export to the periplasmic space of E. coli using either the SEC, SRP or TAT protein secretion pathway. Since the use of a post-translational or co-translational export mechanism is protein-specific and cannot be known a priori, this kit allows for the selection of the translocation pathway best suited for a given recombinant protein.

ACES™ YebF Protein Export Kit

The ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System) YebF Protein Export Kit makes use of the YebF protein to chaperone other proteins through the inner and outer membranes of E. coli cells. This permits the secretion of target proteins into the culture medium, simplifying downstream purification as well as allowing for the expression of toxic proteins and proteins that do not fold correctly in the E. coli cytoplasm.

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0148-1 ACES™ Promoter Selection Kit 1 kit $220.00
0148-2 ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit 1 kit $250.00
0148-3 ACES™ YebF Protein Export Kit 1 kit $250.00