AthenaES™ Protein Expression

ACES™ Signal Sequence and YebF Protein Export Licensing Information

The ACES™ Signal Sequence and YebF Protein Export Systems are based on discoveries made by scientists at the University of Alberta and Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. (AthenaES™) and are covered by U.S. and International Patents and Patent Applications. This includes US 6,022,952 and US 6,335,178 and all related international filings. Plasmids pAES25, pAES30, pAES31, pAES32 and pAES35 are the property of AthenaES™ and are free of any intellectual property restrictions. No license is required for their commercial use. Purchase of the Signal Sequence or YebF Protein Export kits or plasmids come with a paid up license to use the vector systems for research purposes or commercial evaluation. The commercial use of plasmids pAES33, pAES34 and pAES40 requires a license from the University of Alberta. Please contact TEC Edmonton at 1 780-492-8977.