AthenaES™ Protein Expression

ACES™ Promoter Selection Kit

ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System): Promoter Selection Kit
The ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System) Promoter Selection Kit applies the principle that the overall expression rate can determine not only the total accumulation level, but also the amount of soluble protein that is made. By titering the promoter activity, one can fine-tune the expression level to meet the specific needs of target protein production levels.

Plasmid pAES25

Component Quantity
pAES25 10µg
JM109 Competent Cells 2 x 200µL
Primer A 250pmoles
Primer B 250pmoles
Turbo Broth™ 1L
Superior Broth™ 1L
Power Broth™ 1L
Hyper Broth™ 1L
Glucose M9Y 1L
Glucose Nutrient Mix 21g
LB Miller Broth 1L
Medium Supplements
Augmedium™ 25mL
Inducer Solution A 1mL
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0148-1 ACES™ Promoter Selection Kit 1 kit $220.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0149-25 pAES25 10µg $95.80
0150-1 Primer A 250pmoles $39.00
0150-2 Primer B 250pmoles $39.00
JM109 Compentent Cells Discontinued
0152-1 Inducer Solution A 1mL $16.50
0152-5 Inducer Solution A 5 x 1mL $80.30
0104 Turbo Broth™ 500g $58.70
0105 Superior Broth™ 500g $61.80
0106 Power Broth™ 500g $51.50
0107 Hyper Broth™ 500g $44.30
0108 Glucose M9Y 500g $33.00
0103 LB Broth (Miller) 500g $48.40
0109 Glucose Nutrient Mix 150g $16.50
0123 Augmedium™ 100mL Stock $113.30
ACES™ Promoter Selection Kit Application Manual (pdf)
ACES™ Promoter Selection Vector Technical Brief
Download pAES25 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins In E. coli