AthenaES™ Protein Expression

ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit

ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System): Signal Sequence Kit
The ACES™ (AthenaES™ Complete Expression System) Signal Sequence Kit provides a set of six expression vectors each with a different signal sequence for protein export to the periplasmic space of E. coli using either the SEC, SRP or TAT protein secretion pathway. Since the use of a post-translational or co-translational export mechanism is protein-specific and cannot be known a priori, this kit allows for the selection of the translocation pathway best suited for a given recombinant protein.

Expression is from the T5 promoter under the control of the lac operator. Protein production is initiated by the addition of IPTG or lactose (only with Lac+ strains) to the culture medium.

Plasmid pAES30

Component Quantity
pAES30 10µg
pAES31 10µg
pAES32 10µg
pAES33 10µg
pAES34 10µg
pAES35 10µg
Turbo Broth™ 1L
Superior Broth™ 1L
Power Broth™ 1L
Hyper Broth™ 1L
Glucose M9Y 1L
Glucose Nutrient Mix 21g
LB Miller Broth 1L
Medium Supplements
Augmedium™ 25mL
Inducer Solution A 1mL
Inducer Solution B 100mL
Secretion Enhancer Solution A 60mL
Secretion Enhancer Solution B 60mL
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0148-2 ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit 1 kit $250.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0149-30 pAES30 10µg $127.70
0149-31 pAES31 10µg $127.70
0149-32 pAES32 10µg $127.70
0149-33 pAES33 10µg $127.70
0149-34 pAES34 10µg $127.70
0149-35 pAES35 10µg $127.70
0151 Competent Cells Discontinued
0152-1 Inducer Solution A 1mL $16.50
0152-5 Inducer Solution A 5 x 1mL $80.30
0153 Inducer Solution B 500mL $58.70
0154 Secretion Enhancer Solution A 500mL $58.70
0155 Secretion Enhancer Solution B 500mL $58.70
0104 Turbo Broth™ 500g $58.70
0105 Superior Broth™ 500g $61.80
0106 Power Broth™ 500g $51.50
0107 Hyper Broth™ 500g $44.30
0108 Glucose M9Y 500g $33.00
0103 LB Broth (Miller) 500g $48.40
0109 Glucose Nutrient Mix 150g $16.50
0123 Augmedium™ 100mL Stock $113.30
ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit Application Manual (pdf)
ACES™ Signal Sequence and YebF Expression Systems
       Technical Brief
Download pAES30-35 Map and Leader Sequences (pdf)
Download Leader Sequence for pAES30 Series (text document)
Download pAES30 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Download pAES31 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Download pAES32 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Download pAES33 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Download pAES34 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Download pAES35 Plasmid Sequence (pdf)
Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins In E. coli