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Athena Enters an Agreement with Chromacon to Represent the Contichrom® CUBE Chromatography Systems in the U.S.

Baltimore, Maryland, June 25, 2015 AthenaES® announced today that its Athena Enzyme Systems unit has entered into a Distribution Agreement with ChromaCon AG (Zurich, Switzerland) for the distribution, after-sales service and applications support of the Contichrom® CUBE Chromatography Instruments. The agreement brings a unique line of preparative chromatography equipment to Athena’s product portfolio. These instruments, which are manufactured in the U.S.A., combine a robust device with highly innovative software and applications capabilities that facilitate development of more productive biomolecular separations for commercial and research purposes.

The Contichrom® CUBE systems are highly flexible instruments offering a wide range of molecular separation options. In addition to being able to perform conventional batch and gradient separations of proteins using single or twin columns, this instrument has the added ability to run simulated moving bed (SMB), CaptureSMB®, AutomAb®, N-Rich® and MCSGP (multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification) methods. It can also perform integrated orthogonal batch steps with an in-line dilution. These separation techniques are powerful tools that improve purification processes and can be applied to conventional as well as continuous production schemes. CaptureSMB® increases the efficiency of capture processes for monoclonal antibodies and other affinity-based separations as compared to conventional chromatography, thereby lowering production costs by 50% while preserving product integrity. MCSGP-based processes can achieve separations providing target purity with step yields that are 50-90% higher than with batch separations.

The beauty of the Contichrom® CUBE systems is their flexibility in being able to run conventional as well as cyclical and continuous separations. All commonly used resin types and column formats are compatible with the instruments. The ChromaIQ® software and application wizards developed by ChromaCon simplify the process of converting from conventional batch separations to CaputureSMB®, N-Rich® or MCSGP techniques. AutomAb® is a process optimization program that automatically optimizes a capture process. Therefore, the operator does not have to have expert knowledge in these advanced separation techniques in order to take full advantage of these emerging and powerful separation methods for the purification of proteins.

About AthenaES®
AthenaES® was founded in 1994 and specializes in the development and commercialization of advanced biotechnology-based products. The company markets its products and services through two business units. The Athena Enzymes Systems Group™ provides specialty reagents, proteins and instruments for the production and recovery of recombinant proteins. The portfolio of 300+ products are used throughout the world by researchers and commercial producers. The company’s product portfolio includes: expression systems for production of proteins in E. coli; culture media designed to increase the expression of recombinant proteins; protein refolding and recovery reagents; specialty proteins for research, environmental and specialty chemical applications; cell culture reagents and serum-free medium for the propagation of human cell lines; and chromatography instruments, resins and accessories.

About ChromaCon AG
ChromaCon AG is a private Life Science Tool company located in Zürich, Switzerland, providing best-in-class process solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry. ChromaCon has developed and patented novel process principles, process control, equipment designs and operating software for batch, cyclic and continuous chromatography, providing significant CAPEX and OPEX cost savings and enabling scalable chromatographic solutions for large scale purification applications. The Contichrom® laboratory-scale equipment is co-marketed worldwide by ChromaCon and its partners. ChromaCon has provided global licenses for its process technologies to LEWA for implementation into scale-up systems. ChromaCon also develops and markets affinity purification solutions for column and membrane chromatography applications and tools for site-specific protein conjugation.