Contichrom® Cube Chromatography Systems
High Resolution Lab Scale and Preparative Bio-chromatography Systems

The Contichrom® CUBE Chromatography Systems were developed to provide highly flexible, scalable systems to improve the purification of proteins. Built on a twin column platform, the CUBE instruments incorporate unique separation technologies as well as conventional chromatography separations. With the CUBE Chromatography Systems one can:

  • Increase purity levels with >90% step yields.
  • Reduce resin costs and process cycle times.
  • Design and qualify production-scale processes.

The Contichrom® CUBE equipment line consists of two modules with complementary functions that incorporate all process modes. It supports batch, sequential batch, CaptureSMB®, MCSGP and N-Rich® processes and also has the AutomAb® function for optimizing affinity capture (such as Protein A separations). The CUBE equipment line employs twin-columns with cyclic and continuous process capabilities.

The Contichrom® CUBE equipment contains all hardware and software tools to run conventional batch processes such as capture and polishing steps with isocratic, step and gradient elutions. Intuitive software wizards simplify separation designs. The twin column configuration allows two process steps to be run consecutively without the need to collect and reprocess intermediate fractions.

To test out the system, we are inviting researchers to bring a protein sample to our lab in Baltimore to perform any chromatographic separation or analysis using our CUBE system. This way you not only get to see the instrument in action, but you can have your favorite protein purified or analyzed. To schedule a visit, please call us at 410-455-6319.

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Contichrom® CUBE

The Contichrom® Cube

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