AthenaES™ Protein Refolding Reagents

Cyclodextrins & Screening Kit

Cyclodextrin Screening Kit: determine the optimum protein refolding conditions.
  • 3 Common Cyclodextrins for thorough testing of protein refolding conditions
Cyclodextrins' unique molecular structure greatly promotes protein refolding. Cyclodextrins can suppress protein aggregation, protect against degradation, and alter functions of proteins. They also bind well to detergents (aggregation suppressors), which allows for easy separation of the detergent from the protein, encouraging proper refolding. Different cyclodextrins act and respond to different protein structures. Because of this, AthenaES™ provides 3 of the most common cyclodextrins in a simple screening kit so that the ideal conditions for refolding a given protein can be found quickly and easily. The Cyclodextrin Screening Kit can prove particularly useful when paired with the Detergent Screening Kit. Individual cyclodextrins are also available for purchase.
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0602 Cyclodextrin Screening Kit 1 kit $230.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0609 100mM β-cyclodextrin 100mL $128.80
0610 100mM methyl-β-cyclodextrin 100mL $916.70
0611 50mM α-cyclodextrin 100mL $247.20
Cyclodextrin Screening Kit Data Sheet
An Algorithm for Protein Refolding Technical Brief
Download Protein Refolding Analysis Spreadsheet