AthenaES™ Protein Refolding Reagents

Detergents & Screening Kit

Detergent Screening Kit: determine the optimum protein refolding conditions.
Detergents have been shown to aid in the protein refolding process of both native and recombinant proteins. Detergents are usually used as a step in the protein refolding process, often in conjunction with cyclodextrins. The detergent binds to the protein in the dilution stage to form a detergent-protein complex which prevents aggregation of the protein. A binding agent, such as cyclodextrin, can then be used to strip away the detergent from the protein, allowing it to properly refold. Athena's Detergent Screening Kit provides researchers with 6 common detergents (10mL each) for determining the optimum detergent for a given protein refolding scenario. Individual detergents can also be purchased in 100mL quantities.
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0601 Detergent Screening Kit 1 kit $155.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0603 100mM Triton-X 100mL $39.00
0604 100mM Tween 80 100mL $39.00
0605 100mM CTAB 100mL $39.00
0606 100mM POE(10)L 100mL $39.00
0607 100mM TTAB 100mL $46.00
0608 100mM Zwittergent 3-14 100mL $214.00
Detergent Screening Kit Data Sheet
An Algorithm for Protein Refolding Technical Brief
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