AthenaES™ Protein Expression Products
Why the Medium Composition Counts - A mini-seminar on the influence of the medium composition on recombinant protein expression.

Protein Expression in Different Media FormulationsAthena's proprietary Protein Expression products are world renowned for their reliability and superior performance for the production of recombinant proteins. Many of our products are specifically designed to help solve protein expression problems. Athena’s Expression Media will help increase the production of your recombinant protein even if you are obtaining good results using traditional LB Broth. The use of any of Athena’s proprietary formulations will yield higher cell densities. More biomass per unit volume yields more protein which provides for a more cost-effective means of producing your recombinant protein. In other words, you will likely need less culture volume to recover the same amount of protein or produce more using the same volume as with LB Broth.

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What if your protein is poorly expressed or not at all?

If your host-vector system is only yielding low amounts of protein or worse, none at all, then Athena’s Protein Expression products may offer you cost-effective and simple solutions. Before considering the costly and time consuming process of developing an alternative expression system, we recommend that you try a few simple, inexpensive and fast techniques first.

Our media formulations, accessory products and techniques were honed over 20 years of solving challenging protein production problems for customers. The culture media formulations were designed to increase the production of a recombinant protein by increasing both amount of protein accumulated and the amount of biomass produced. Our media formulations have been refined to take advantage of the observation that the amount of recombinant protein produced by a host is influenced by the type and amount of carbon source working in synergy with the type of nitrogen source. Easy-to-use Media Optimization Kits provide a rapid, low cost means of identifying the best available culture media for the production of a given recombinant protein. For customers developing production schemes that require the elimination of materials containing animal products, Athena has two lines of culture media certified as Animal Product Free. Look for the APF Certified designation.

ACES™ Alternatives to traditional expression vectors.

There are cases where traditional and commonly used expression vectors do not produce sufficient quantities of usable protein. In such situations, production of active protein can often be recovered by reducing the synthesis rate (so as not to overwhelm the cellular expression systems), exporting the protein to the periplasm or secreting the protein to the culture medium. Athena’s ACES™ (AthenaES Complete Expression System) products are a series of kits that allow the construction of a set of expression vectors that take advantage of these three alternative approaches to producing a recombinant protein. The complete kits include all of the reagents needed for building the plasmid expression vector through production of the desired protein.