AthenaES™ Cell Culture Media

Freezing Media Pair

Freezing Media Pair:Perfect for cryopreserving suspensions of viable cells from the 'Cold Trypsin' method
  • Exceptional cryopreservation system
  • Allows for superior cell viability
  • Used by major cancer research centers
Athena's Freezing Media Pair are a dual-cryopreservation system used to safely store suspensions of viable cells detached from monolayer cultures using the "cold trypsin" method with Athena's cell dissociation media, PET™. The pair of solutions thoroughly preserve cell viability upon reconstruction. This Freezing Media Pair has been used extensively to cryopreserve a variety of human cell lines grown in serum-free media, including breast and prostate cancer research.
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0406 Freezing Media Pair 50mL $39.10
Storage Store at -80°C, supplied frozen
Stability at 4°C 3 Months
pH 7.8 ± 0.2
Freezing Media Pair MSDS
Why Use Serum-Free Media?