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I27O™ AFM Reference Protein

For Force-Extension Experiments
I27O™ AFM Reference Protein: recombinant polyprotein composed of 8 repeats of the Ig 27 domain of human titin, used as reference for force extention experiments using atomic force microscopes
  • Reference for force extension experiments
  • 8 saw-tooth extension curves
  • Unique durable elasticity
I27O™ is a unique recombinant polyprotein used for the calibration of and as a reference for force extension experiments using atomic force microscopes. It is supplied in a ready-to-use solution. The protein is composed of 8 repeats of the Ig 27 domain of human titin. Single molecule measurements give up to eight saw-tooth force-extension curves with the specifications below. The protein has durable elasticity that allows for repeated unfolding and refolding.

The graph on the right demonstrates the unfolding and refolding cycles of an I21RS8 protein probed with a double-pulse protocol. The protein is first stretched to count the number of domains that unfold, N-total, (a-c, top traces), and then it is relaxed to its initial length. A second extension after a delay, Δt, measures the number of refolded domains, N-refolded (a-c, bottom traces).
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0304 I27O™ AFM
Reference Protein
100µg $414.10
Parameter Value
Distance between peaks 24.1 ± 0.34nm
Force Peaks 204 ± 26pN
Persistence Length 0.30 ± 0.07nm
Contour Length (per domain) 28.4 ± 0.3nm
Unfolding and Refolding Cycles of I270™ Protein
I27O™ AFM Reference Protein Data Sheet
I27O™ AFM Reference Protein Technical Brief
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