AthenaES™ Protein Expression Media

LB Booster™

LB Booster™: Medium additive that increases level of recombinant protein production up to 5 times.
  • Increase Biomass Levels by 5x
  • Fructose and Nutrient Blend
LB Booster™ is a medium additive that increases the level of production of recombinant proteins. Particularly suitable for improving the productivity of LB Broth, LB Booster™ can increase biomass levels by a factor of up to 5 in any medium formulation. In addition, the supplement provides essential nutrients selected for their ability to increase the relative level of protein accumulation. LB Booster™ is supplied as a powder and as a ready-to-use 20x concentrate. LB Booster™ is a proprietary blend of fructose and nutrient supplements.
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0125 LB Booster™ 100mL Stock $35.00
0126 LB*Booster™ 500mL Stock $133.90
0127 LB*Booster™ Liquid 500mL (20x) $164.80
LB Booster™ MSDS
Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins In E. coli