Custom Manufacturing Services
  • Custom Product Formulation
  • Biologicals Manufacturing
  • Specialty Media Manufacturing for dry powder or liquid media
  • Custom packaging (single use to 55 gallon drum)
  • Commercial-scale manufacturing
    We offer an extensive amount of Custom Manufacturing Services, spanning from customer requested development and formulation to modification of our own unique products to suit customer needs. From conception to production, Athena provides thorough development services. As always, one of our top priorities is outstanding customer service. Each project is considered on an individual basis and tailored to achieve the best results. Also, customers are able to be in direct correspondence with one of our scientists as well as get up-to-date progress reports on the status of their project.

    Athena has over 10 years of manufacturing experience, including the production of our own unique products as well as customer oriented projects. We have perfected our process and even developed a custom designed dry powder process that reduces raw materials to a uniform particle size and blend, allowing for better consistency, reliability, and quick dissolving. We'd be happy to develop for you. We guarantee you'll be pleased with the results.

    Do you need a unique medium?

    Athena specializes in small volume custom production. We can produce any culture medium from bacterial to mammalian cells in liquid or powdered form and will tailor the formulation to contain or be deficient in which ever specific ingredient(s) that you need. From 3 component bacteriological medium to 70 component specialized compositions for the cultivation of mammalian cell lines, no medium is too difficult or too complex. The turnaround time for most media is 2 weeks from the date we receive an order.

    Custom media orders require a 5L minimum purchase. To request a custom cell culture media quote or place an order, please call us at 410-455-6319, or follow the link below to submit a form specifying your requirements.