AthenaES™ Protein Expression Media

Media Optimization Kit

Available as Animal-Product-Free
Media Optimization Kit™: find the optimum media for expression of your recombinant protein in e.coli, available with APF Certified formulations
  • Maximize Soluble Protein
  • Dramatic Expression Results
  • Available in Animal-Product-Free
The Media Optimization Kit™, Animal-Product-Free Media Optimization Kit, and new Prime-olate™ APF Media Optimization Kit™ enable researchers to determine the best media formulation that yields the highest amount of target protein. Since the production of a given recombinant protein can vary significantly depending on the type of medium employed, the MOK™'s provide four proprietary expression broths, as well as Glucose M9Y, and LB Broth (Miller). The APF kit contains APF Certified™ versions of Athena's proprietary expression media, and the Prime-olate™ Kit contains the new Prime-olate™ expression series, formulated with Athena's casein hydrolysate replacement Atholate™. Each dry powder kit contains enough mix to prepare 1 liter of each of the six media. The ready-to-use liquid kits contain 100mL of each medium.
Media Optimization Kit™ Application Manual (pdf)
Media Optimization Kit™ MSDS
Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins In E. coli
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0100 Media Optimization Kit™ 1 kit $100.00
0100-APF APF Media Optimization Kit™ 1 kit $100.00
0128 Media Optimization Kit™ Liquid 1 kit $125.00
0129 APF Media Optimization Kit™ Liquid 1 kit $125.00
0169 MOK Prime-olate™ 1 kit $125.00
0179 MOK Prime-olate™ Liquid 1 kit $150.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0104 Turbo Broth™ 500g $57.00
0110 Turbo Prime Broth™ 500g $55.00
0160 Turbo Prime-olate™ 500g $59.00
0115 Turbo Broth™ Liquid 500mL $26.00
0120 Turbo Prime Broth™ Liquid 500mL $29.00
0170 Turbo Prime-olate™ Liquid 500mL $27.00
0105 Superior Broth™ 500g $60.00
0111 Superior Prime Broth™ 500g $57.00
0161 Superior Prime-olate™ 500g $61.00
0116 Superior Broth™ Liquid 500mL $26.00
0121 Superior Prime Broth™ Liquid 500mL $29.00
0171 Superior Prime-olate™ Liquid 500mL $27.00
0106 Power Broth™ 500g $50.00
0112 Power Prime Broth™ 500g $58.00
0162 Power Prime-olate™ 500g $53.00
0117 Power Broth™ Liquid 500mL $26.00
0122 Power Prime Broth™ Liquid 500mL $29.00
0172 Power Prime-olate™ Liquid 500mL $27.00
0107 Hyper Broth™ 500g $43.00
0118 Hyper Broth™ Liquid 500mL $24.00
0108 Glucose M9Y 500g $32.00
0119 Glucose M9Y Liquid 500mL $24.00
0103 LB Broth (Miller) 500g $47.00
0114 LB Broth (Miller) Liquid 500mL $21.00
0109 Glucose Nutrient Mix 150g $16.00