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AthenaES™ CEO Appointed Chair of UMBC Advisory Board for CNMS

Baltimore, MD. October 24, 2006-
Sheldon Broedel, Jr., Ph.D., CEO/CSO of Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. has been appointed as Chair of UMBC's (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The Board has been formed to expand awareness of the College's programs, research and resources as well as strengthen relationships with professionals in the industry. Board members will serve three year terms and will advise the Dean on critical issues including workforce education and training; academic program and curriculum development; faculty recruitment; collaborative research funding; and opportunities for students and alumni.

The UMBC College of Natural and Mathmatical Sciences is made up of the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics. There are over 100 full time faculty members, approximately 1500 students in 7 undergraduate programs and 280 graduate students in 13 graduate programs. Sheldon Broedel is an alumni of UMBC; there he received his master’s and doctoral degrees in Microbial and Molecular Genetics. Broedel’s other qualifying experience includes 19 years in the biotech industry, three issued patents, and the development of 68 products. He is also on Villa Julie College’s Science Advisory Board and is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University.

Other board members appointed include Ron Baker of Procter & Gamble, Paul Behrens of Martek Biosciences, April Brys of Battelle, Stacey Franklin of BioTech Primer, Peter Hughes of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Peter Kiener of MedImmune, Alvin LaVoie of Rohm and Haas, Jerry Skotnicki of Wyeth Research, Terry Turpin of Essex Corporation, Nancy Welker of the National Security Agency, and George Young of GRACE Davison.

"It is an honor to serve my alma mater alongside a team of exceptional minds from government and business," said Broedel. "Like me, they know from experience that UMBC is a place committed to scientific excellence, with talented faculty and students eager to share their skills with industry."