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AthenaES™ Launches Atholate™ and New Animal-Product-Free Products

Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. announces the launch of two new products: Animal Product Free LB Broth, and the casein hydrolysate replacement Atholate™.

Atholate™ is a proprietary blend of plant protein hydrolysates designed to replace casein-derived hydrolysates while matching their nutritional and performance characteristics. Atholate™ is Animal-Product-Free (APF) Certified™ which means it is guaranteed to have no animal derivatives while still maintaining quality performance. Atholate™ is used to prepare bacteriological media for the cultivation of a wide range of microbial species.

Athena’s line of APF LB Broth includes the industry-standard preparations of Miller, Lennox, and Luria. The broths are prepared using the casein hydrolysate-replacement Atholate™ and are APF Certified™, which guarantees them to have no animal derivatives. Their performance is equal or superior to standard LB Broth formulation with casein. The media are used for cultivation of Escerichia coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Bacillus and other eubacteria species.

“The use of animal-derived products in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals has become a safety concern,” said Sheldon Broedel Jr. Ph.D., the CEO of AthenaES. “An effort to eliminate these materials even at the research stage of product development has meant that researchers need to re-think how they use some of the basic reagents employed for 50 years. The APF LB products are designed to replace one such reagent without altering the established performance.”

Both Atholate™ and the APF LB Broths are available for purchase in powder form from Athena in standard and bulk quantities.

Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and has 12 years of experience in the biotechnology industry by providing quality products and contract services for researchers in academic, private, and federal sectors.