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AthenaES? Introduces New LB Broth Single-Use Packets

July 18, 2005 - As the most commonly used medium, a quick and simple way of preparing LB Broth is in high demand. AthenaES? proudly announces their latest development in an effort to make the use of LB Broth easier for researchers: Athena's LB Broth Single-Use Packets. Each individual packet contains enough LB Broth powder mix to make 1L of Broth, perfect for fast-paced laboratories. The single use packet can decrease preparation time and hassles, leaving more time for the actual experiment while eliminating the potential for accidental contamination of bulk packaged medium.

Athena uses the same exact reliable LB Broth powder mix that is sold in bulk in their Expression Media line of products. The LB powder medium is milled using Athena's proprietary dry-powder process, designed to reduce raw materials to a uniform particle size and blend, which provides better consistency, higher reliability, and quicker dissolving time. And our LB Broth is up to 79% less expensive than our competitors equivalents.

Athena's LB Broth Single-Use Packets:

  • Cost Effective: our LB Broth is up to 79% less than our competitors
  • Time Efficient: no preparation hassles, pre-measured packets
  • High Quality: consistent, reliable, and quick-dissolving
  • Reduced Contamination: one-time usage, no re-dipping into bulk container
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