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AthenaES? Introduces Protein Expression Products - PERK™: Protein Expression Rescue Kit, and ExpressMax™ Fermentation Media

Baltimore, MD. January 1, 2007-
Athena Enzyme Systems™ has expanded its product portfolio with the release of two protein expression kits, PERK™: the Protein Expression Rescue Kit™ and ExpressMax™ fementation media and screening kit. These new protein expression products are designed to assist the researcher in optimally expressing their protein.

AthenaES™ is committed to bringing the researcher the highest quality protein expression products that will offer the most convenience and accuracy. ExpressMax™ is a series of fermentation media for optimizing the production of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli. A screening kit with a detailed guide provides the researcher with a simplified means of optimizing the levels of each component (basal salts, carbon and nitrogen sources) to achieve the highest production level of the target protein. The user can then purchase the optimal pre-formulated media from AthenaES™ or purchase each required component separately.

The Protein Expression Rescue Kit™ (PERK™) maximizes the amount of soluble protein produced during expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli. The Protein Expression comprehensive kit includes samples of Athena's proprietary Expression Media as well as two reference media, Glucose M9Y and LB (Miller) Broth. Included as well are Athena's proprietary medium additives: LB*Booster™, which increases the bio-mass production of any expression medium up to 5-fold, and Augmedium™, a medium pre-conditioner that induces the expression of chaperone proteins in advance of expression of the target recombinant protein.

For more information about protein expression, visit The Selection of Optimum Media Formulations for Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins In E. coli