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AthenaES™ Expands Specialty Proteins Product Line to Include GFPs, Luciferases, and Bacterial Esterases

Baltimore, MD. January 1, 2007-
AthenaES™ has recently expanded its specialty protein portfolio with the addition of bacterial esterases, green fluorescent proteins, and luciferases.

Athena?s green fluorescent proteins and luciferases include Gaussia luciferase, Renilla mullerei luciferase, Renilla reniformis green fluorescent protein, and Ptilosarcus green fluorescent protein. GFPs and luciferases have proven to aid significantly as tags in assays where low limits of detection are critical; their high quantum yields make them particularly useful in immunoassays. Gaussia luciferase and Renilla luciferase are up to 1,000 times brighter than Firefly luciferase and are ATP-independent, requiring only coelenterazine and O2 as substrates. The Gaussia luciferase is supplied pre-biotinylated for direct use in streptavidin/avidin based immunoassays. Athena?s GFPs and luciferases are available in milligram and microgram quantities.

In addition, AthenaES™ now offers three bacterial esterases: LypA, TesA, and VlpA. Employing an array of techniques to identify esterase/lipase activity for industrial processes, an in-house microbial collection of psychrophilic microbes was used to screen for specific esterase/lipase activities. Two marine bacteria yielded esterase/lipase genes encoding LypA (V. cholera) and VlpA (arctic- derived Vibrio sp.). Cold-tolerant bacterial esterases and lipases have the property of a more flexible structure which allows the enzymes to accommodate a broad range of substrates and often to be more solvent tolerant, properties that make these types of enzymes ideal for the chemical modification of pharmacophore molecules. LypA and VlpA have been shown to have a broad spectrum of substrate activity, reacting with ester bonds in compounds with short and long aliphatic chains as well as heterocyclic rings. VlpA exhibits tolerance to solvents by retaining its catalytic activity in buffer- solvent mixtures.