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Culture Media Dramatically Increase Protein Production

September 10, 2001?To meet the growing demand for recombinant proteins required for proteomic research, Athena Enzyme Systems? (AthenaES) today announced it is now marketing four proprietary media formulations requested by biotech customers and not available anywhere else.

In controlled tests, the four proprietary blends resulted in cell yields up to five times that of LB Broth, the industry standard for cultivating E. coli bacteria used in the production and purification of recombinant proteins. Marketed under the trade names Turbo Broth?, Superior Broth?, Power Broth? and Hyper Broth?, the new media formulations demonstrate that accumulation of proteins greatly depends on the media employed.

To determine which medium is best suited for a particular protein, AthenaES is offering a Media Optimization Kit? that reduces the laborious process of media optimization from several weeks to one day. The kit contains six foil packs containing enough dry powder media to prepare one liter of each formulation. Four of the packs contain Athena?s proprietary blends. The other two hold standard formulations?LB Broth and Glucose M9Y?among those found to be most reliable for increased production of recombinant proteins in E. coli.

The kit allows researchers to perform 40 optimization tests for rapid identification of the best available medium for production of their specific protein without the need for extensive testing or development work. By dramatically reducing the time required for media screening from several weeks to one day, labs can save thousands of dollars per application in costs for equipment, facilities and human resources.

?As genomics research matures and more and more genes are identified, researchers will need to produce the proteins encoded by those genes to continue their course of work,? said AthenaES Chief Science Officer Dr. Sheldon E. Broedel, Jr. ?By improving protein production, these new media formulations will help facilitate those research efforts.?

Researchers at industrial, academic and government institutions can use the proprietary formulations for basic and applied research in the areas of biomedical and industrial applications, such as biopharmaceuticals, food processing, culture fermentations, agriculture and pulp and paper production among others. The Media Optimization Kit? was designed for research use only and should not be used for human diagnosis or drug use.

AthenaES has been manufacturing the proprietary media formulations since 1994 for internal use in its contract R&D and manufacturing services for customers. Repeated requests by its customers led AthenaES to make the proprietary media available to the scientific community.

Athena Enzyme Systems? is a division of Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc., located in the UMBC Technology Center on the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus. The company specializes in the development and commercialization of advanced biotechnology-based products. Its services include identification, design, development and manufacture of specialty enzymes for research, diagnostic and industrial applications. The company also provides custom contract services for the production of recombinant proteins. AthenaES? scientific staff includes four Ph.D.-level researchers as well as an experienced technical support staff.

The Media Optimization Kit? and AthenaES? proprietary formulations are available through 10 international distributors. Large and custom orders can be obtained through these distributors or directly from AthenaES. More information is available on the company?s web site at, by phone at 888-892-8408, or by faxing requests to 410-455-1155.