Orbital Genie® Shakers

The ORBITAL GENIES® are versatile benchtop orbital shakers that give you the choice of three different unit configurations. The shaker can be quickly converted to accommodate a universal clamp, which can hold a wide range of containers, a flat non-skid surface or standard flask clamps. The 35mm orbit allows for mixing action from a smooth vortex to sloshing aeration.

  • Variable speeds between 10 and 300 rpm with reversible orbit.
  • Programmable time, reversing time, and acceleration/deceleration rates.
  • Ramp speeds between 10 and 100 rpm/sec.
  • May be used in cold rooms, heated incubators or CO2 incubators.
Universal Holder Standard Clamps Non-skid
Orbital Genie® with universal ratcheting clamps provides the flexibility fo rusing a mix of different size and shape vessels on a single platform. Unit is supplies with two ratcheting and one non-ratcheting cushioned clamps. Extra ratcheting clamps form more than two rows of smaller vessels are optional. Orbital Genie® with adhering non-skid rubber mat provides a flat platform perfect for use with open containers. Patented material is naturally adhering. Rinse clean to renew adhering properties. Orbital Genie® is equipped with a platform for acception various sized flasks or beakers. Clamps are sold separately.

    Speed: 10-300 RPM including Stir Reverse
    Timer: 1 min to 99 hours with Alarm or Continuous
    Orbit: 35mm
    Selectable Ramp Rate: 10 - 100 rpm/sec
    Maximum Load: 21 kg (46 lbs)
    Platform Dimensions: 460 x 460mm (18 x 18in)
    Overall Dimensions: 590 x 500mm (23 x 20in)

  2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Orbital-Genie® Units
0869 Orbital-Genie® Shaker: Universal Holder 120V $3,109
0872 Orbital-Genie® Shaker: Universal Holder 230V $3,109
0870 Orbital-Genie® Shaker: Standard Clamps 120V $2,387
0873 Orbital-Genie® Shaker: Standard Clamps 230V $2,387
0871 Orbital-Genie® Shaker: Non-Skid Adhering Mat 120V $2,597
0874 Orbital-Genie® Shaker: Non-Skid Adhering Mat 230V $2,597
08100 Universal Ratcheting Clamp $281.00
08101 100ml Flask Clamps $21.00
08102 125/150ml Flask Clamp $24.00
08103 250ml Flask Clamp $30.00
08104 500ml Flask Clamp $36.00
08105 1L Flask Clamp $46.00
08106 2L Flask Clamp $76.00
08107 Double-sided Adhesive Tape Roll, 1.5m x 25.4mm (60in x 1in) $21.00
08108 Adhering Mat, Blue, 460mm x 460mm (18in x 18in) $96.00