AthenaES™ Protein Expression Media

PERK™ Protein Expression Rescue Kit

PERK™: Protein Expression Rescue Kit
  • Maximize Soluble Protein
  • Dramatic Expression Results
  • Includes additives and pre-
    conditioner to advance expression
The Protein Expression Rescue Kit™ is intended to help maximize the amount of soluble protein produced during expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli. This comprehensive kit includes samples of Athena's proprietary Expression Media including Turbo Broth™, Superior Broth™, Power Broth™, Hyper Broth™, and two reference media, Glucose M9Y and LB (Miller) Broth. The Expression Media are specially designed to increase the production of recombinant proteins. The kit also includes Athena's proprietary medium additives: LB*Booster™ and Augmedium™. LB*Booster™ is designed to increase the bio-mass production of any expression medium up to 5-fold. Augmedium™ is a medium pre-conditioner that induces the expression of chaperone proteins in advance of expression of the target recombinant protein. This can increase the amount of soluble protein accumulated.
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0135 PERK™ Protein Expression Rescue Kit 1 kit $165.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0104 Turbo Broth™ 500g $57.00
0104-S Turbo Broth™ Singles 1L Mix (10) $57.00
0105 Superior Broth™ 500g $60.00
0105-S Superior Broth™ Singles 1L Mix (10) $60.00
0106 Power Broth™ 500g $50.00
0106-S Power Broth™ Singles 1L Mix (10) $50.00
0107 Hyper Broth™ 500g $43.00
0107-S Hyper Broth™ Singles 1L Mix (10) $43.00
0108 Glucose M9Y 500g $32.00
0108-S Glucose M9Y Singles 1L Mix (10) $32.00
0103 LB Broth (Miller) 500g $47.00
0130 LB Broth Singles 1L Mix (10) $47.00
0125 LB*Booster™ 100mL Stock $34.00
0123 Augmedium™ 100mL Stock $109.00
PERK™ Application Manual (pdf)
Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins In E. coli