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The Bilge Pill?

Client:  Bilge Tech, Inc.
Project Size:  $50,000
Duration:  Duration 2 years, on-going, Athena serves as the sole manufacturer of the Bilge Pill?

The build-up and safe removal of oily bilge waste from recreational, commercial and government vessels poses a constant, costly and environmentally cumbersome problem. Liquid dispersants are available to aid in the cleaning process, but have little to offer in the way of longer-term maintenance. To address this issue, AthenaES developed the Bilge Pill? under an exclusive agreement with Bilge Tech, Inc. This patented product was designed to break down oil, fuel, grease, and sludge and meets the design criteria of being: long-acting; fast-acting; appropriate for salt or fresh water use; non-corrosive on metals, wood, and fiberglass; biodegradable; non-toxic; and low-foaming. It is specially formulated to keep the bilge area of boats free of oil for up to sixty days.

The Bilge Pill? is a multi-component mixture of detergents, builders and emulsifiers. The manufacturing process requires melting the wax components and mixing the dry ingredients into the liquid wax. The mixture is then dispensed into molds and allowed to harden by chilling at -20?C. The finished cake is boxed in bulk as well as packaged in units of 1, 3 or 6. The Bilge Pill? is marketed through marine distributors to recreational and commercial boaters. AthenaES currently produces and sells the Bilge Pill? exclusively for Bilge Tech, Inc.

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