Protein Expression Services
  • Cell Line Engineering and Media Optimization
  • Protein Refolding
  • Purification of Proteins
  • Quality Control Test Development and Validation
  • Finished Product Formulation and Stability Analysis

    New! Protein Purification Services

    Do you have a protein purification challenge?

    If so, then consider twin column counter-current chromatography schemes. These advanced protein purification techniques can increase purity without sacrificing purity. Yields of more then 98% with >95% recovery.
    No need to be an expert. Athena Enzyme Systems™ offers cost-effective bioseparation services using the Contichrom® CUBE Twin Column Chromatography System.

    Isolation of Pure Protein from Complex Mixtures

    The MCSGP (Multi-column Counter-current Solvent Gradient Purification) enables the isolation of pure protein from complex mixtures with >90% step yields and >95% purity. No need for multiple separation steps.

    Purify Grams of Material Overnight

    The CaptureSMBâ„¢ processes can be used purify 1 gram of IgG using two 1 ml Protein A columns or a His-tagged protein using IMAC. The process can be applied to any affinity purification and is particuarly suited for separations requiring the use of expensive resins.

    Integrate the Capture Step with a Polishing Step

    The Integrated Batch mode of the twin column system can be used to perform the capture and polish step in a seamless two-step process. No need to collect product inbetween steps and then reload.

    Purify Low Abundance Molecules without HPLC

    The N-Rich® process is a counter-current separation technique that uses a cyclical process to enrich for a low abundance target molecule. Can be used on any separation process employing a gradient elution.

    Protein Purification

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    With the diverse array of systems available for protein expression, it is important to have the right expertise and care when it comes to purification. At AthenaES we take pride in our ability to optimize protein expression, maximize product yield, and ensure purity as well as provide outstanding customer service. Customer needs are considered on an individual basis with custom-tailored service that puts you in direct correspondence with one of our scientists. You'll also get up-to-date progress reports so you'll always know how your project is progressing. 

    With over 22 years of experience, Athena has the necessary know-how to deliver the best possible results. Our staff has extensive experience with a variety of microbial systems used for the production of recombinant proteins. We also have a wide range of capabilities spanning from small-scale technical and commercial feasibility studies to final product manufacturing. So let us handle your proteins. We guarantee you'll be pleased with the results