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Ptilosarcus Green Fluorescent Protein

Microtiter plate of <italic>Ptilosarcus</italic> GFP expressing <italic>E. coli</italic> strains under a UV light.
  • ATP-Independent
  • Brightest Fluorescent Proteins
  • Stereoselective
Ptilosarcus green fluorescent protein
Protein Analysis Amino Acid(s) Frequency
Length 238 aa Charged (RKHYCDE) 35.51
Molecular Weight 27,045 Acidic (DE) 12.18
Molar Extinction Coefficient 22,450 Basic (KR) 10.08
Isoelectric Point 5.92 Polar (NCQSTY) 24.37
Charge at pH 7 -4.52 Hydrophobic (AILFWV) 33.19
C Cys 0.42 (1)
Ptilosarcus gurneyi (orange sea pen, sea feather) is a species of soft coral that emits a strong green fluorescence when disturbed. The green fluorescent protein obtained from this organism exhibits nearly symmetrical excitation and emission peaks. This is in contrast to the more commonly employed GFP from Aequorea victoria which has two wavelengths at which excitation occurs, and a broader emmision spectra.
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Emission specturm for Ptilosarcus GFP
The above graph shows the emission specturm for Ptilosarcus green fluorescent protein. Excitation and emission peaks are almost symmetrical with a relatively small Stokes shift.