AthenaES™ Cell Culture Media

SFM Screening Kit

Serum-Free Media
Serum-Free Media Screening Kit: Identify the most appropriate serum-free formulation for a specific cell type.
  • Samples of 5 of the AthenaES™ Serum-Free Cell Culture Media
  • Includes FNC Coating Mix®
Storage Store at -80°C
Stability at 4°C 4 - 6 weeks
pH 7.3 ± 0.2
Osmolality 270 - 300 mOsM
The SFM Screening Kit is intended for researchers seeking to identify the most appropriate SFM formulation for a specific cell type. The kit contains a 100mL sample of each of five serum-free media including: BRFF-BMZERO™, BRFF-EPM2™, BRFF-P4-8F™, DMEM/F12, and IMDM along with 25mL of FNC Coating Mix® for dramatically increasing cell attachment to the plastic growth substratum. Each of the media is complete, ready-to-use.

The cell photographs on the right are of a SFM Screening Kit experiment to determine the optimum serum-free media for the production of the prostate cancer cell line 267-B1. The cultures were seeded with 2 x 106 cells/mL into each of the 5 25cm2 tissue culture flasks pre-coated with FNC Coating Mix® and containing the following media: BMZERO™, DMEM/F12, EPM2™, P4-8F™ and IMDM. The cells were grown for 24 hours at 37°C at 5% CO2. The photographs (20x magnification) show the difference in cell growth between the different media. The cells in the BMZERO™ media yielded a more rapid monolayer development than the other media with the least growth in IMDM. These results demonstrated that BMZERO™ is the optimum medium for the growth of 267-B1 cells.
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0415 SFM Screening Kit 1 kit $250.00
Kit Components: Available For Separate Purchase
0401 BRFF-BMZERO™ 500mL $53.60
0402 BRFF-EPM2™ 500mL $55.60
0404 BRFF-P4-8F™ 500mL $55.60
0407 FNC Coating Mix® 50mL $84.50
0410 DMEM/F12 500mL $38.10
0411 IMDM™ 500mL $38.10
SFM Screening Kit Application Manual (pdf)
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