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Ethyl β-D-Glucuronide Data Sheet

Catalog No. 0901-2, 0901-10

Product Description

Ethyl β-D-glucuronide is a reference standard for the detection of alcohol metabolites in blood or urine up to 5 days after ingestion. The compound is intended for the calibration and quantification of glucuronide metabolites of alcohol when using GC-MS, LC-MS or HPLC methodology. The product has a wide range of potential applications including law enforcement, forensics, employment screening and testing of racehorses.

Product Specifications
Chemical Name Ethyl β-D-glucuronide
Chemical Formula C8H14O7
CAS Number 17685-04-0
Molecular Weight 222.19 g/mole
Unit Size 2 mg, 10 mg
Shipping This product is shipped at room temperature.
Storage Store at 2C - 8C; keep protected from light and moisture
Stability 1 year at 4C
Purity > 95%
Solubility water, methanol

Material Safety Data

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT INTENDED OR APPROVED FOR HUMAN, DIAGNOSTICS OR VETERINARY USE. Do not ingest, swallow or inhale. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. For complete safety information see full Material Safety Data Sheet.