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FNC Coating Mix® Data Sheet

Catalog No. 0407

Product Description

FNC Coating Mix® is a specially formulated serum-free tissue culture reagent containing fibronectin, collagen and albumin that is used to enhance the attachment of adherent cells to plastic flasks or microplates. The unique formula creates an extracellular matrix that dramatically increases the rate of cell attachment to any plastic substratum. The matrix accelerates monolayer formation, especially when fastidious cell types such as human prostrate and breast epithelial cells are being propagated. Mammalian cell cultures will attach and grow more effectively on FNC-coated plastic surfaces when cultured in the appropriate serum-free medium. AthenaES™ offers several different serum-free media that when used in conjunction with FNC Coating Mix® increase the growth of cell cultures dramatically.

Product Specifications
Unit Size 50 mL
Shipping This product is shipped with a cold pack. DO NOT FREEZE
Storage Store at 4°C
Stability 2 years at 4°C
pH 7.1 - 7.4
Osmolality 280 - 300 mOsM

Instructions for Use

1. To coat the growth surface, add 0.2 mL FNC Coating Mix® per square centimeter of surface area of the culture vessel (For Example: use 5 mL for a T-25 flask). The surface should be completely covered with a layer of liquid.
2. Incubate for 30 seconds and remove the coating mix with a pipet. Residual FNC Coating Mix® will not adversely affect the viability of the cells to be plated. Do not return any “used” coating mix to the original container of FNC. This will compromise the performance of the product. The coating can be done immediately before seeding the cells or up to one hour beforehand.

Material Safety Data

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT INTENDED OR APPROVED FOR HUMAN, DIAGNOSTICS OR VETERINARY USE. Do not ingest, swallow or inhale. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. For complete safety information see full Material Safety Data Sheet.