Technical Support

Contact Technical Support

To speak with one of our Staff Scientists, call 1-888-892-8408 or click the link below to fill out an electronic form.

Please verify that you are seeking help from the AthenaES family of companies and not Athena Health. Thank you.


Where does Athena ship?

Athena sells products all over the world. We have distributor outposts in many countries, and can also ship directly if that is preferred. To see a complete lists of outposts that we, or our distributors reach directly, click here.

Do I need to purchase through a Distributor?

Customers are not required to purchase through a Distributor, Athena ships products all over the world. However, there may be advantages to purchasing through one of our distributors rather than directly, such as lower shipping costs if there is a distributor in your area.

How do I find a Distributor near me?

Our distributors page has a breakdown of distribution outpost by country and region. Click here to find a distributor near you. If you have any questions you can contact us and purchase directly or ask for the nearest distributor.

Become a Distributor

Athena is always looking for a way to better reach our customers and offer a higher level of customer service both in the United States and abroad. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Athena, please download and read our Distribution Packet, and contact us by 1-888-892-8408.