AthenaES™ Cell Culture Media


Formulations for Labeling Experiments

  • Ready-to-use with L-Glutamine
  • 7 Common Formulations
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Custom Formulations Available

SILAC media is prepared specifically for labeling experiments involving the use of stable amino acid isotopes. Athena provides several of the most commonly used media without L-arginine, L-lysine, L-leucine and L-methionine, the four mostly commonly used heavy isotope labeled amino acids.

Powdered Formulations

The SILAC ingredients are milled to a fine particle size, blended to give a homogenous mix and filled in moisture proof pouches. Each pouch contains enough medium to prepare 1 liter of medium.
  • Cost-effective
  • 60% less expensive than liquid
  • Lower shipping costs
  • 3 year shelf-life
Stock solutions of each of the four missing amino acids can be purchased separately.

Ready-to-Use Liquid

The SILAC medium is prepared as a ready-to-use liquid that is sterile filled and filled in 500 ml bottles. Each bottle is supplied with stock solutions of each of the four missing amino acids. This permits reconstitution of complete medium.
  • Convenient ready-to-use
  • Eliminates prep time
  • Just add sterile amino acids and supplements

Custom Media

If you need a medium formulation without other amino acids or components, AthenaES™ specializes in low volume custom production of formulations of other cell culture media. To request a custom tissue culture go to Custom Medium Request to submit an online request form.

SILAC Amino Acids

For stable isotope labeled amino acids, see SILAC Amino Acids.
Order Here: without Arg, Lys, Leu, Met
0420 DMEM High Glucose 500mL $47.40
0421 DMEM Low Glucose 500mL $47.40
0422 RPMI 1640 500mL $47.40
0423 DMEM/F12 500mL $47.40
0424 MEM 500mL $53.60
0425 Ham's F12 500mL $53.60
0426 McCoy's 5A 500mL $53.60
0428 Neural Basal 500mL $46.40
0429 SFM Insect Cell 500mL $56.70
0434 IMDM 500mL $47.40
0430 DMEM High Glucose 1L, powder $37.10
0431 DMEM Low Glucose 1L, powder $37.10
0432 RPMI 1640 1L, powder $37.10
0433 DMEM/F12 1L, powder $37.10
0416 1,149 mM L-Arg 6 x 0.5mL $13.40
0417 800 mM L-Lys 6 x 0.5ml $13.40
0418 160 mM L-Leu 12 x 1.25ml $13.40
0419 201 mM L-Met 6 x 0.5ml $13.40
0427 Dialyzed FBS 100ml $231.80
All media are made without Phenol Red or Sodium Pyruvate as well as without Arg, Lys, Leu, Met.
Storage Store at 4°C
Stability at 4°C Liquid: 3 - 4 months
Powder: 3 years
pH 7.3 ± 0.2
Osmolality 270 - 300 mOsM
SILAC Media Formulations
SILAC Organization
Ong and Mann, 2006 Nat. Protocols 1(6):2650-2660.