AthenaES™ Cell Culture Media

SILAC Amino Acids

Heavy Isotope Labeled Amino Acids

SILAC Amino Acid are prepared specifically for labeling experiments involving the use of stable amino acid isotopes. Athena provides several of the most commonly used labeled amino acids as well as many of the less commonly used amino acids.

Labeled Amino Acids Ready-to-Ship

  • L-Arginine U-13C6 hydrochloride
  • L-Arginine U-13C6, 15N4 hydrochloride
  • L-Lysine U-13C6 hydrochloride
  • L-Lysine U-13C6, 15N2 hydrochloride
Available in 100 mg and 1 g sizes. Purity is >95%.

Speciality Labeled Amino Acids

Single carbon- or nitrogen-specific labeling of sixteen (16) amino acids. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

Ready-to-Use Medium

The SILAC Medium is prepared as a ready-to-use liquid that is sterile filled and filled in 500 ml bottles. Each bottle is supplied with stock solutions of each of the four missing amino acids. This permits reconstitution of complete medium. For more information go to Silac Medium
  • Convenient ready-to-use
  • Eliminates prep time
  • Just add sterile amino acids and supplements

Custom Media

If you need a medium formulation without other amino acids or components, AthenaES™ specializes in low volume custom production of formulations of other cell culture media. To request a custom tissue culture go to Custom Medium Request to submit an online request form.

Order Here:
0440-100 L-Arginine U-13C6 hydrochloride 100 mg Inquire
0440-1000 L-Arginine U-13C6 hydrochloride 1 g Inquire
0441-100 L-arginine U-13C6, 15N4 hydrochloride 100 mg Inquire
0441-1000 L-Arginine 13C6, 15N4 hydrochloride 1 g Inquire
0442-100 L-Lysine U-13C6 hydrochloride 100 mg Inquire
0442-1000 L-Lysine U-13C6 hydrochloride 1 g Inquire
0443-100 L-Lysine U-13C6, 15N2 hydrochloride 100 mg Inquire
0443-1000 L-Lysine U-13C6, 15N2 hydrochloride 1 g Inquire
For a price quote please call 1-888-892-8408 or send an email to Product Support.
Storage Store at 4°C
Stability at 4°C Liquid: 3 - 4 months
Powder: 3 years
SILAC Media Formulations
SILAC Organization
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